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5 Lee Min Ho K-Dramas you must watch to fall in love with the actor

  Before the arrival of Pachinko you must watch these k-Dramas of the actor

Lee Min Ho is a beloved actor among fans of K-Dramas not only in Korea but in much of the world where the transmission of these stories has been possible. From a very young age he began his career as an actor, consolidating himself as one of the most important in the Korean entertainment industry.

Some of the dramas in which the actor has helped are considered one of the most successful, since having the face of one of the most popular actors has a great influence, since in this way they guarantee success. There is very little left for one of the actor's most anticipated dramas to arrive on AppleTV and it is 'Pachinko'. But before his arrival we prepare some dramas in which Lee Min Ho has achieved and that you cannot miss.

5 K-Dramas in which Lee Min Ho has participated and that you cannot miss

1. The Lost Empire

This historical drama tells us about the life of the last empress of Korea Myung Sung and was released in 2001, being one of the first K-Dramas to be successful around the world and that marked the career of Lee Min Ho was the first in which he participated.

The Lost Empire | @Rakutenviki

2. Secret Campus

This is a student drama in which a group of young high school students live under the stress of getting good grades as well as being strongly motivated by sports, although the real problems will come later and they must face them to solve their lives.

Secret Campus | @Soompi

3. Mackerel Run

In this drama, Lee Min Ho plays Cha Gong Chan, a student with a passion for soccer who dreams of becoming a great professional player. He studies in a school for children of millionaires but he is poor but with a bit of luck he manages to enter that prestigious school where he will be involved in various problems.

Mackerel Run | @Soompi

4. I´m Sam

This is an intriguing love story where Jang Yi San is a teacher who is hired to give private lessons to the daughter of a dangerous man who belongs to the mafia. She is called Yoo Eun Byul and by her father's orders they must live together while Yi San teaches her classes.

I´m Sam | @Dramawiki

5. Boys Over Flowers

In this story, Lee Min Ho obtained great relevance because he played one of the so-called F4, a group of boys from a prestigious school for the children of millionaires. The story is about Geum Jan Di, a girl who saves a student from that school because he was going to commit suicide, so Jan Di wins a scholarship to study at that school.

Boys Over Flowers | @Rakutenviki

These are some dramas that Lee Min Ho is in and that you will like if you are a fan of this talented actor. We are a few weeks before Pachinko opens and to wait you can see these k-Dramas the actor.

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