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5 K-Dramas you can watch on Disney Plus

  The streaming platform will start streaming Korean dramas

One of the most important streaming platforms in the entertainment industry is Disney+, as it has begun to work on producing its own stories in addition to having all the rights to Marvel Studios superhero movies and series (with the exception of SpiderMan: No Way Home) so this platform represents great importance within the industry.

In addition, the production of Korean stories has begun that you will soon be able to enjoy and that you cannot miss since this platform promises to be one of the strongest in the future in terms of the transmission of K-Dramas and these will be some that you will be able to enjoy through the Mickey Mouse platform.

5 K-Dramas that you can find on Disney Plus

1. Snowdrop

This historical drama is set in 1987 when South Korea was suffering from dictatorial repression, which generated endless protests throughout the country. This story stars Jung Hae In who plays a man who is persecuted by the government as they consider him a North Korean spy and after shooting him he is wounded and goes to take refuge in a school for women where he will meet Eun Young Cho played by Jisoo who will help him hide it.

Snowdrop | @Soompi

2. Rookie Cops

This K-Drama stars Kang Daniel who plays a young man named Wi Seung Hyun, a student who aspires to be, like his father, a prominent police officer who is highly respected in his work. Seung Hyun studies at the Korean National Police University and is one of the smartest, but as time goes by, difficulties will come into his life and he will have to solve them on his own.

Rookie teaser | @Disney+


This suspenseful k-drama combines action with science fiction and is about a mysterious character who is known as 'The Ghost' who 24 years ago saved humanity from the dangerous solar winds using a gigantic net called 'GRID'. After that event he disappeared but returned now involved in a murder for which he is now wanted to capture him and sentence him.

GRID teaser | @Disney+

4. Sixth Sense Kiss

This interesting story will hit the platform in the second quarter of 2022 and is about a girl who can see the future just by kissing them but everything will get complicated when she kisses her own boss. This story combines romance with fantasy.

Sixth Sense Kiss | @Soompi

5. Moving

This drama is about high school students who have amazing and supernatural abilities that they have inherited from their parents. The really difficult part will come when they have to hide these abilities from their other teammates.

Moving cast | @Disney+

These are the K-Dramas that will arrive at Disney + in the course of this year and that you cannot miss because they all deal with different topics, but without a doubt the quality will be more than enough.

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