Kimi ni todoke series Kimi ni todoke series

5 Classic Romance Anime You Must Watch This Valentine's Day

If you are bored and want to watch something other than K-dramas, we invite you to take a look at these romantic animes that we are sure you will love.

If you are tired of watching K-dramas and you prefer a lighter and shorter series, anime is perfect for you.Anime series are much shorter than k-dramas, with most episodes lasting as little as 24 minutes. Series usually have 12 to 24 episodes and some have only one season while others have more than 3.

In the world of anime there are stories for all tastes, from romance, fantasy, horror, mystery among many others, that if you give them a chance you will surely love. We bring you a list of romantic anime for you to watch on Valentine's Day.

5 romantic anime you can't miss!

1. Kimi ni Todoke

This tender love story is about our protagonist Sawako Kuronuma, a very shy girl who has no friends because she does not know how to express her emotions well, although she is actually a very kind and caring girl. There are rumors that Sawako sees ghosts and that's why no one talks to her, until one day on her way to school she meets Shouta Kazehaya, who as the days go by will realize that she is in love with him.


2. Lovely Complex

This anime has an interesting combination between love and comedy, there will be moments where you can't stop laughing and others where you won't stop crying. 

Our protagonist is called Koizumi- Risa, a girl who lives with a complex because she is very tall, she dreams of a prince charming who of course is much taller than her and can live a great love story. On the other hand Otani, the shortest boy in the class does not like her at all, however as time goes by they become best friends and bet on who could get a love interest first, however fate plays a bad joke on them.

3. Bokura Ga Ita

This touching story is one to cry over.  Nanami falls madly in love at first sight with a boy in her class named Yano. At first Yano seems like a jerk but one day he asks Nanami out and she realizes that Yano does like her. After Nana's many efforts to be Yano's girlfriend, she discovers his terrible and dark past, will she be able to deal with such a love?

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4. Kaicho wa Maid-sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa is the president of the student council at her school, which used to be an all-male school, because of this the population of the institution is only 20% female, so the president is determined not to be dominated by men. Misaki works in a Maid cafe and unfortunately one of her most popular classmates, Takumi Usui, discovers her and becomes interested in her, so to get her attention he blackmails her by telling her story to the whole school. 


5. Nana

Nana Osaki is a girl who goes to Tokyo to pursue her dreams as a singer of a punk band and on the train she meets a girl named the same as her, Nana Komatsu. She also travels to the same destination to reunite with her high school boyfriend, on the way they both talk but when they get off the train they don't see each other again, until by chance they meet in a building they are about to rent. The stories of these two girls intersect and they will help each other to solve the problems of their past, as well as deal with their future. 


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