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4 Series that you can find on HBO Max and that you will like

We recommend these series if you have already finished watching Euphoria

One of the streaming platforms that have begun to make their productions independent is HBO Max, which is directly competing with others in terms of quality and for having the best series in the entertainment industry.

One of the works that is being a complete success within this platform is 'Euphoria', which has Zendaya as the protagonist and has won the hearts of the audience due to the reflection of adolescence within a problematic society that does not seem to care for them.

But not all HBO Max series content is Euphoria and for this reason we bring you a list of series that we recommend you watch on this streaming platform.

4 Series that you can find on HBO Max and that you will like

1. Raised by Wolves

This story presents us with the life of Father and Mother who live in a distant and unknown planet and have a mission that is to have human children under their care. These humans begin to increase in population and the religion that begins to be implemented only divides the population. Witnessing this situation, the androids realize that it is impossible to make humans understand rationally. These events are developed under a post apocalyptic world that you cannot miss.

Raised by Wolves | @HBO Max

2. Peacemaker

This story revolves around Christopher Smith, a pacifist diplomat played by John Cena and his character is the son of a commander of the Nazi death camp who founded the Pax institute and there they fight against dictators and warlords. Due to his father's profession, Smith decides to fight to ensure peace and will do whatever it takes to get it no matter who gets in the way of his plans.

Peacemaker teaser | @HBOMax

3. The Nevers

In this science fiction story we are told the life of a group of Victorian women who were assigned an important mission that could change the course of humanity. But the road will not be easy because they will meet a series of enemies who will do everything possible to ruin the women's mission. It is the year 1896 and London is affected by a supernatural event which gives them superpowers mostly to women but despite having these powers they live under social marginalization.

The Nevers | @HBOMax

4. The Undoing

In this story we meet Grace Sachs, a successful woman who lives a life she always dreamed of having. She is a successful therapist who is about to publish her first book, she has a loyal husband and an intelligent son who attends a prestigious school, in short, she has a life full of success that anyone else would envy. But one day all this changes due to the disappearance of her husband and a series of events that will make her realize reality.

The Undoing | @HBOMax

These are some recommendations that we bring to you if you have already finished watching Euphoria and do not know what series to watch on HBO Max, which also has a wide variety of series and movies.

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