MONSTA X's songs for your gym workout MONSTA X's songs for your gym workout

4 MONSTA X's songs perfect for your gym workout

MONSTA X has a lot of good songs that are all full of energy, this K-Pop band will inspire you to sweat at the gym with their tracks

MONSTA X is a K-Pop band that debuted on 2015, since then the idols have been developing their own styles that makes us fall in love with all of their talents, the charismatic members of this band have a powerful presence on stage which has conquered a lot of fans.

MONBEBE is the fandom that supports MONSTA X, their followers know everything about the band and love all their songs, the boy band's tracks are very diverse, for different emotions, moments and more, there will be a perfect MONSTA X song.

Fans get inspired by their idols thanks to their music and MONSTA X has a lot of songs with an incredible energy, perfect for that moment when you need to give all of you at the gym, this K-Pop group will make you sweat and give all you have while exercising with its songs.

4 MONSTA X's songs that are full of energy and will inspire you at the gym


Nothing screams more GYM VIBES than 'BEASTMODE', a MONSTA X's song that we can find in their album 'Fatal Love' from 2020, the beat is fast, the intro with Joohoney's rap will wake you up and make you give every last drop of energy at the gym.

2. Now or Never

On 2017, MONSTA X unveiled its EP 'The Code', in which we can find 'Now Or Never', an amazing song with high energy and good lyrics that will inspire you perfectly to work out and sweat until you can no more.

3. Ready or Not

On the album 'The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter', released by MONSTA X on 2017, we can listen to one of the most energetic songs from the K-Pop band, we're talking about 'Ready or Not', which will lead you to do every exercise at the gym.

4. Livin' it up

Originally, 'Livin' It Up' was a Japanese song from MONSTA X, but they also released a Korean version on their album 'One Of A Kind', well, any of these two versions is perfect for you when you're sweating at the gym, its heavy beat will fulfill you with energy.

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