Best 3RACHA songs for you Best 3RACHA songs for you

3RACHA songs to enjoy the best of STRAY KIDS rappers

3RACHA is a subunit of STRAY KIDS made up of the rappers of the group, here we have some of their songs for you

STRAY KIDS has extremely talented and dedicated members, Bang Chan, Changbin and Han are great proof of that as they formed 3RACHA and have even released special songs, which ones are the best?

In STRAY KIDS we can find amazing vocalists, great dancers and excellent rappers. All of these artists pool their talents in order to form a K-Pop group as great as it is today. JYP Entertainment created a perfect formula led by Bang Chan to shine in the music genre and on stage.

SKZ has some subunits and one of them is 3RACHA, made up of the three rappers of the group, Bang Chan, Changbin and Han not only dedicate themselves to performing on stage and in the studio with their agile verses, they have also worked as songwriters and producers of his idol group.

3RACHA exists since pre-debut, it was a project in which the 3 rappers released some songs, they also have mixtapes and even performances that let us see a new facet of each one for rap and music. They are simply sensational and have great musical abilities.

So here we have some 3RACHA songs for you to know more about the talents of the STRAY KIDS rappers, you have to add them to your playlist and enjoy the best of these multi-talented artists.

8 3RACHA songs that show all of the talent of STRAY KIDS rappers

1. Zone

We love everything abour 'Zone', this 3RACHA song has a great beat and STRAY KIDS rappers show that they're not a joke with this great track. They also showcased it on Mnet once and it was just amazing.

2. WOW

'WOW' is from the first 3RACHA's mixtape called 'J:/2017/mixtape' which was released in 2017. It shows a different style when we talk about the beat, but the rappers just give the best in this track, don't you think that they mix really well?

3. 작은 Dragon Three 마리

In 2017 3RACHA released '3Days', another mixtape with great tracks and we can highlight '작은 Dragon Three 마리' from this one. It might have a simpler beat but it's still lit and we can't talk enough abour Changbin, Han and Bang Chan's rap here.

4. P.A.C.E.

We can find 'P.A.C.E.' on the mixtape 'Horizon' which was also released in 2017. Its intro gives us a special feeling and then the rappers hit with amazing lyrics which will make you love'em.

5. The Dreamz

There were some hidden tracks or excluded songs from 'J:/2017/mixtape', and one of those was 'The Dreamz', which has an old school beat and of course this song reminds us of rap from the 90's.

6. Alchemistry

'3Days' also had some excluded tracks, and 'Alchemistry' was one of those, but we're wondering why when it's such a masterpiece we all love, sincerily, it's just amazing, the beat, the lyrics, and the rappers performance is just on point.

7. Matryoshka

We go back to 'Horizon' with 'Matryoshka' just because we love how violent this one is, but in a good way I mean full of energy and with this kinda bad attitude like, dude these guys might be Korean gangsters! We love it!

8. ₩1,000,000

'₩1,000,000' is also from 'J:/2017/mixtape' excluded songs, but man, we just love it. We're charmed by the intro, it catches you and then just hook up with the amazing rap from Changbin.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, here we have a quiz for you to show how much do you know about them. 

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