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3 perfect MAMAMOO songs to bless your ears

MAMAMOO is the best option if you're looking for quality. Lose yourself in the amazing vocal performance of the group.

MAMAMOO 's vocal talent is not in doubt. Since their debut, they have arrived on the scene to distinguish themselves for their perfect performances. Some of their most popular songs are powerful and fit the Girl Crush image.

However, the other facet of MAMAMOO alludes to the sensitivity of your ears. It can be a ballad, something Jazzy or R&B inspired, this group can conquer any genre with their skills.

If you want to bless your sense of hearing check this list, it could heal your soul.
MAMAMOO is coming back for you!

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1. I Miss You - 2016

The song is part of the album "Melting". With this project the girls increased their popularity and got their first prize in music shows.

I miss you is a power-ballad that alternates the different voices of the girls to create an angelic sound. MAMAMOO 's emotional interpretation will send chills down your spine. We leave you their performance for Queendom.


At the end of the "Melting" era MAMAMOO gave us this beautifil song. "Memory" was a special Christmas release, however this song can be heard all the months of the year.

Did you have a bad day? Do you want to relax? Do you want to forget the sorrow? We have the solution, listen to Memory. Here is the softer side of the girl group. It is a sweet and warm hug for the heart.


In 2021 MAMAMOO released a mini album of ballads, all of them could be on this list. However, the main single, Where Are We Now is capable of bringing tears to your eyes.

A beautiful instrumental that accompanies the powerful voices of Solar, Hwasa and Wheein. On the other hand, Moonbyul provides a soft rap, as if she were speaking directly into your ear. It is the perfect combination. Check the live performance, it´s amazing!

Due MAMAMOO's rich career, this list could go on and on.

What song would you like to recommend? Which is your favorite?

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