3 SEVENTEEN songs that will make you love this K-Pop band

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups and these songs will make you fall in love with its idols

As a band, SEVENTEEN debuted on 2015, since then the idols that belong to this idol group have been working hard on their songs and performances to show the best of each one of them in every comeback; right now, they're one of the most important groups on K-Pop.

With their music, SVT idols have conquered a lot of fans, making their own global fandom called CARAT, SEVENTEEN's lovers who never fail and have achieved a lot of records and victories with their favorite band, we can find CARAT's members all around the world.

But if you don't know why CARAT loves SEVENTEEN so much, then we have 3 perfect songs that will make you fall in love with this amazing boy band from South Korea, even if they have a big musical repertoire, and it might be hard for fans to choose just a few songs, these one have a big impact on SEVENTEEN's history.

SEVENTEEN songs that should be on your playlist

1. Pretty U

On 2016, SEVENTEEN revealed their album 'Love&Letter', and we can find 'Pretty U' on this one, why is this song so cool? Well, the K-Pop band achieved its first win on a Korean music show with this track, it means that it conquered a lot of new fans who supported the idol group on that comeback.

2. Left & Right

'Left & Right' is a SEVENTEEN's song that we can find on 'Heng:garæ', the 7th EP from the band that made a grear succes for them, converting this group into a Million Seller, the main track made a lot of fans dance and attracted the attention of many new followers.

3. Rock With You

Maybe it's good for fans to revisit every song from SEVENTEEN going backwards, so, 'Rock With You' is the most recent title track from the band, released along with more songs on 'Attacca', shows the evolution of the idols and new styles for them, that's why 'Rock With You' is a great song that will make you fall in love with SVT.

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