Zombies from 'All of Us is Dead' Zombies from 'All of Us is Dead'

3 K-Pop songs with a 'Zombie' concept that you need to know

Do you love zombies? Check those great K-Pop songs with zombies concept

The zombies are one of the most popular monsters of the current pop culture. Every year the film industry is giving us new movies and series with the same main topic: zombies.

Korean entertainment has released some successful projects in recent years. “Train To Busan” “Kingdom” and the claimed series “All of us are Dead” are just a few of them.

But, did you know that the concept of zombies is also quite common in K-Pop? Sometimes the artists use those monsters with a more colorful side or in the scary regular version. No matter the option they take, it never fails.

If you like zombies, you’re gonna love these songs!

Not just Michael Jackson knows how to dance with zombies. Here we go!

1. TWICE - Like OOH-AHH (2015)

How can the zombies be cute? Well, if you put them next to TWICE that can happen. This group can use whatever concept they want and it will be a hit.

For their debut the members were surrounded by zombies wearing uniforms and dancing. Until this day the Music Video for "Like Ooh Ahh" have more than 400 millions views. If the apocalypse is that cheerful, there is no doubt, the song will make your day better!

2. DAY6 - Zombie (2020)

Maybe the title of this song looks pretty obvious but the message behind is deep. We all feel like zombies sometimes. Why am I doing this? Where is the motivation? Should I give up?

DAY6 took the zombies as a reference to talk about the problems of the routine. The Music Video shows a "Zombie" dealing with the cotidianity. Are our actions in "automatic mode"?

Listen to this beautiful song!

3. SUNMI - You can't sit with us (2021)

The singer of Gashina is really creative with her concepts in every  comeback. In 2021 SUNMI released a break-up song in a unique way.

"You can't sit with us" is the story of a girl who is trying to break up with her boyfriend. However, the boyfriend will be back for the love of SUNMI but this time as a zombie, and he's coming with a lot of friends. 

Honestly, we are not sure. Is this the story of a heroine who kills zombies? Or maybe, a love story? What do you think?

Did you like the list? What other song would be here?

If you are a zombie fanatic read this article about All of Us Are Dead.

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