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3 IU songs that will make you fall in love with her voice

The singer better known as IU will captivate you with her beautiful voice

One of the most important artists in the music industry is undoubtedly Lee Ji Eun known in the music scene simply as IU. She has shown to have not only a voice but also a talent to perform on stage when she performs in front of her fans.

She is an artist full of talent and charisma who specializes in singing as well as playing the guitar, acting and venturing into musical composition. She has obtained some awards as artist of the month and has also remained within the industry since she debuted in 2008 and since then she has been within the taste of the audience.

3 IU songs that will captivate you

1. Pierrot Smiles At Us

This song will captivate you because it is a portrait of the society in which we live and that focuses on giving importance to material and superficial things that do not contribute anything to people but that they have forced to have to appear what they are not. Despite being a cover of a Kim Wansun song, IU gave it h Zezé er personal touch by adding feeling and a lot of passion.

2. Zezé

This song will undoubtedly make you feel happy because it is a song inspired by the children's book 'My Plant of Orange-Lime' by Jose Mauro Vasconcelos and it is a song that he performs to glorify the beauty of childhood and the innocence that people carry when they are little.

3. Glasses

This song was composed by IU where she expresses what she has had to deal with when she is criticized by people who do not like her artistic career and how she has dealt with all those accusations that the singer has suffered throughout of his career.

These are some songs that will help you get to know singer IU to start becoming a fan of her and keep an eye on her musical life.

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