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10 things you didn't know about Euphoria

Follow the story of a group of teenagers with various problems and excesses

This is the story of a group of teenagers who live surrounded by various social problems and excesses with which they only cause more damage than they already have. HBO brings its first original production dealing with adolescent themes surrounded by temptations such as drugs, sex and social networks, which we see reflected in our current reality.

Starring Zendaya and directed by Sam Levinson, this series deals with social problems that mainly affect young people, who are the ones most exposed to falling into excesses, either due to mistreatment by their parents or simple social maladjustment. You can't miss this original series through HBO Max.

Hunter and Zendaya | @revistagq

We'll tell you 10 things you didn't know about Euphoria

1. It is the first teen drama series to be produced by HBO

A girl who returns to school after undergoing detox treatment after leading a life of drug and sex excesses.

Zendaya in Euphoria | @LetFinde

2. It's an adaptation

It is an adaptation of an Israeli miniseries of the same name

Euphoria Israel | @FilmAffinity

3. Film script

Personal experiences of Sam Levinson, creator of the series, who had to fight depression and anxiety for a long time, were added to the script.

Sam Levinson | @ecartelera

4. Jacob Elordi

The young actor Jacob Elordi confessed that before being selected to participate in Eupphoria, he had no goals in life. He even forgot his lines at the casting.

Jacob Elordi | @intranews

5. Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer found out about the casting through Instagram. Before participating in the series, Hunter was a model for major international brands.

Hunter Schafer | @intranews

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio declared himself a fan of the series, stating that he finds the show amazing.

Leonardo DiCaprio | @revistagq

7. Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud was discovered while walking down the street. At first he thought it was a joke in bad taste but in the end he decided to attend the casting.

Angus Cloud | @revistagq

8. Rap

With the exception of the pilot episode, all the others are titled after a rap song.

Rap | @pinterest

9. The fair

For the chapter of the fair, the production adjusted the mechanical games to the needs of the producer. That take took them six nights to shoot and it was so cold that Zendaya needed an inhaler.

Zendaya and Hunter | @revistagq

10. Maude Apatow

Although the actress who plays Lexi Howard had to do a casting, her place was already assured because the director had already considered her since he wrote the script, because they both worked together in the past.

Maude Apatow | @euphoriawiki

Now that you know these curious facts, we are sure that you will not miss this interesting story full of excesses and fever through HBO Max.

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